Jane’s Beanie

  Hand-knitted hats by a lady who knows her stuff. AnaNichoola have teamed up with Jane Nolan, the...

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Smuggler Neck warmer

  The most versatile garment for cold weather riding. Benefits The Smuggler Neck Warmer was one of our first...

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Sorbet Gloves

Not for the fair weather cyclist! Benefits At AnaNichoola, we know that there are some die-hard women out there...

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V Ear Warmers

Toasty, comfy ear-luxury. Benefits The AnaNichoola V ear-warmers are more thought-out than you could have imagined...

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Cafe Tights

Your basic staple you won’t want to ride without. Benefits Leggings, everyone wears them, but unless they have...

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Winter Star Tights

  Warm, technical tights with killer print! Benefits The lary Star Leggings were our best-selling garment through...

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